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ACTFL in Philadelphia 2012
Learn with NADSFL Sessions

Learn with NADSFL: Panning for Gold: Leveraging Learner Centered InstructionGreta Lundgaard & Jane Shea
Panning for Gold Materials
Learn with NADSFL: Teacher Performance & Student Achievement in Virginia
Jennifer Carson & Linda Szwabowski

Learn with NADSFL: Observe and Submit: Mobile Electronic Observation Forms
Jennifer Carson

Learn with NADSFL: Does it Count?
Laura Terrill

Learn with NADSFL: Content-Rich Units: Incorporating AP Themes at All Levels
Donna L. Clementi & Laura Terrill

ACTFL 2011 in Denver, CO[[http://www.actfl.org |www.actfl.org ]]
Report referenced by Milton Chen during his keynote: Prisoners of Time

Learn With NADSFL Sessions @ ACTFL 2011

Collaborating to Improve Language Leadership & Instruction: Greg Barfield, David Jahner, Jon Valentine, & Rhonda Wells
Opening Pandora's Box: Evaluating Curriculum Using Writing: Greta Lundgaard

How Can Data Change the Way Teachers Teach?: Jill Landes-Lee

Articulated K-12 Program: Key Factors and Successful Models: Rita Oleksak, Priscilla Russel, Rosanne Zeppieri

Opening a New Window: Improving School District & University Collaborations: Sue Hildebrandt, Mary Curran, Jennifer Eddy, Greta Lundgaard, Rita Oleksak