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Day 1


Essential Questions:
  • What elements are essential for motivation?
  • What works when trying to motivate adult learners?
  • How do I promote Type 1 behavior?


Daniel H. Pink

TED TALKS Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation.
carrots and sticks.jpeg

Daniel Pink provides concrete examples of how intrinsic motivation functions both at home and in the workplace.

Two Questions That Can Change Your Life

Type X or Type 1 Drive Survey
Summary of Before During After Reading Strategies

Day 2


Essential Questions:

  • What does it mean to be the leader of a collaborative team?
  • How do I begin and sustain constructive conversations?

Qualities of Leadership - Leadership Quotes

Support Documents

Starting with the End in Mind

ACTFL position statement on Use of Target Language

Summary Document of National Standards and Modes of Communication
Six AP Themes
AP - IB Comparison
Unit Plan Graphic Organizer
Food and Hunger Unit (Theisen/Terrill)

Support Materials
Blank Template
Spanish 1 - School (Theisen)
Blank Template (CO)
Entering an English Free Zone by Paris Granville