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A NADSFL working group met in January 2012 to begin foundational development of a WL Teacher Effectiveness Measurement Model. Below is the result of that meeting and that work. A friendly review was conducted at the Learn with NADSFL session at SCOLT 2012.

Choosing Blindly: Instructional Materials, Teacher Effectiveness, and the Common Core

Publication from the Brown Center on Educational Polity at Brookings

The TELL Project

An excellent bank of resources specifically designed to enhance the effectiveness of world language teachers can be found at Inspired by the overwhelming volume of research on the importance of the teacher in the achievement equation, this project takes generic frameworks like those of Danielson, Marzano and Safir and makes them specific to world languages, answering the question, "What is it that effective world language teachers do?" The site includes specific behaviors and characteristics that effective world language teachers evidence, the research to back them up, crosswalks to every major American framework on teacher effectiveness, tips on how to use the many tools at the site and soon will include exemplars to illustrate each of the framework criteria.

Holliston, MA K-12 Curriculum Review for WL

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